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Website is under construction. Numerous products are being uploaded and reorganized. Please reach out if you have any questions.
Website is under construction. Numerous products are being uploaded and reorganized. Please reach out if you have any questions.
Everyday Magick

Everyday Magick

One of the things I love about the Craft is the creativity and all the imagination and play that goes into it. Yes, of course, this is by default me being a Pisces but, I simply could not imagine my life any less fun and colorful. Walking the spiritual path of Witchcraft has allowed me to express myself in ways I never thought possible. There is more to following the craft than simply waving a wand around and burning some incense. When you are a witch, you eat, breathe, and sleep magick. It becomes apart of your everyday waking life. By this I do not mean you walk around in robes all day, carry a wand or cauldron, run amuck, and have a black cat. This isn’t Hocus Pocus, unless that is something that you want to do, then go for it.

As an honest witch who is true to his/her path, you will incorporate small magickal workings into your mundane routines. You may carry stones in your bag or pocket, draw sigils on your body with roll-on perfume or cologne, draw pentacles/symbols while stirring and preparing food, sing to your plants, keep bay leaves in your wallet and so on. That is one of the amazing aspects of magick, it doesn’t have to be formal and always in a casted circle with candles and so on. It is a versatile tool for both large and small jobs, major and minor. I never enjoyed the thought of magick having to always be serious and formal. After all, magick is magick, whatever you decide to do with it is up to you.

          When you are incorporating magick into your everyday life, you become stronger and it comes easier to you. Just like any other art, craft, or even going to the gym, the more you practice the better you become at your skill. We naturally move energy all day, every day. The key, like with the craft, is to do it consciously and this is the perfect way to do so. Everyone has their own brand of magick and practice it well, regardless of faith or spirituality. Use what fits you, and what provides the results you are wanting.

          Though it goes without saying, magick is NOT a cure all for everything. Everything in life has its time and place. While you are injured, in danger, or simply have petty issues, magick will not be a good fit. The usual mundane protocol is better suited for these situations. Call 911, seek shelter, and refrain from a multi-lifelong curse to the asshole who cut you off in traffic then had the nerve to be mad at you. The goal is to use magick to boost the mundane and aid in achieving all that you need and want, as well as others. This is a gift, and like any gift, it can be subject to abuse. When this happens, backfiring begins due to skewed intentions and channeling which will be discussed in later blogs. Below I have added a list of some ideas for working magick into your everyday life.

  1. Charm soaps and cleaning machines for spiritual cleansing
  2. Consecrate food and drinks with a quick blessing to a specific purpose (EX: Coffee for attentiveness and personal power, red foods charmed to heal the Root Chakra, apples charmed for fertility or wisdom, etc)
  3. Place your own mixture of black salt in thresholds to keep shedding negativity.
  4. Place white candles in front of mirrors to keep the energy uplifting.
  5. Sweep the house west to east to move out stagnant energy
  6. Place protection charms on vehicles and homes
  7. A Penny in the shoes for luck and prosperity
  8. Consecrate tooth brushes or Chapstick to aid in Throat Chakra workings
  9. If using glasses/contacts charm them to help you see truth or spiritual guidance.
  10. Carry a key with you to aid in removing obstacles to reach your goals
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