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Website is under construction. Numerous products are being uploaded and reorganized. Please reach out if you have any questions.
Getting to Know Time

Getting to Know Time

Day in and day out we go about living our lives by the clock. Most of humanity has some form of a schedule or another. Many of us live the “nine to five” life. We are constantly told how and when to do things. We base our whole lives around this Worldly shared concept of when to eat, sleep, work, deadlines, milestone expectations and so on. However, time itself is not nearly as ridged as it may seem. It is widely subjective. Time as we view it is an illusion.

         Time does serve a purpose as to allow us to be organized, process the day to day events, learn and grow in a structured manner, move in sync, and has played a big role in building mankind as we know it. Time, though, is not as binding and restrictive as you may believe. Due to the way we have been conditioned for numerous centuries, it seems only natural to follow the clock. Routines have become us. When we work, it is because it is time. When we eat, it is because it is time to eat, not because we need food at that moment. You train yourself to be hungry at 6 in the evening, or ready for bed at 10 pm. So how would life look without living by time. What if you were to let go of time?



         Plan an open day or two to do this exercise. You may use one day if you would simply like to experience the exercise or you may use two days to write and compare your findings in you Book of Shadows. You could use this experience and your findings to alter the way you move through life.

         The task is simple. The night before you begin, cover all the clocks, or turn them around. You do not want to begin by looking at the clock first thing when you wake, so start the night before you begin the exercise. Once all the clocks are covered, unplug electronics. Yep, there are far too many ways you could run into a clock when surfing the internet, watching T.V., playing games on the tablet, and many more. Therefore, it is important to do this on days off.

         Give yourself a chance to remove all forms of time in your life. You will wake when you are rested (as family situations allow), eat only when your body truly requests it, rest when your body wishes, daydream freely when your mind wanders and come back when you are ready, and let your mind be free of constraint for a while. If you choose, meditate, read, craft, lay in silence and think, daydream, or go on a walk. Let your body and mind guide you as they are ready to. If you are completing this over multiple days, be sure to reflect regularly in a journal or Book of Shadows on your feeling, thoughts, and emotions going through this, and be honest.

Some things to think about:

1)How does it feel to not follow time for a day? Are you feeling anxious, relaxed, or indifferent? (Answer this question twice. Once before you begin and then again midway or towards the end of the day without time.)

2)Do you feel there is “more time” in the day? Or less?

3) Does time feel to move quicker or slower? How so?

4) What approach did you take to your day? Did you take the day to go inward and meditate, read, relax, maybe treat yourself to a spa visit, or did you maintain a more normal life style?

5)Was there any outside influence of time that you were not able to eliminate (kids have practice/recital, appointments, so on)? Could that have changed the outcome of your experience?

6) Did you feel the desire to keep checking the time? Or did you simply go with the flow?

7) How does this feel in comparison to living day in and out by the clock?

***Please note, if  you will be baking or things like that timers are perfectly fine to use as long as you will not be hovering over them. Don’t forget to cover the clock on the radio in your car.

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