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Moon Magick: Maiden, Mother & Crone

Moon Magick: Maiden, Mother & Crone

Why Magick done by the moon?

          The Moon is a guiding and pulling energy. Just like the moon can move and change the tides, the moon can also move tides of energy within us and even change our mood, feelings, and perceptions. It is known that people like to say the moon does not affect us but, if the moon can move the great tides of the ocean, we humans, being 70% water, are absolutely affected by the moon in all her phases. While there may not be scientific evidence measuring the “extra” mayhem, full moons do tend to plague our first responders, doctors, and even animals with more chaos than normal day or less intense moon phase.

          We practice magick and workings by the phases of the moon to aid in the potency and the “like attracting like” or positive attraction component of our workings. The phases of the moon are much like the phases of life. These phases are sometimes broken down into 3 categories: Maiden, Mother, and Crone (if you follow the Wiccan/Neopaganism paths) or New, Full, and Waning/Dark. Of course, you can break this down further which I have done so below for utilizing the energies of the Quarter moons as well as other types of full moons. When going by the 3 main categories you may work “New Moon” Magick from the day of the New moon, all the way up to the day before the Full Moon. The full moon phase lasts a total of 3 days with some of the energy branching slightly before and after that time frame. This is due to the energy building, holding for the phase, and then releasing. During this period, you may work your full moon magick and intentions. The day after the 3rd day of the Full Moon, you would then be in Crone, or Waning phase until you reach Dark Moon if you choose to honor this, or the phases begin again with New Moon.


Maiden/New Moon


New Moon: This portion of the moon is for focusing on new beginnings, manifestations, and leaving things behind like bad habits, relationships or careers that no longer serve you, and anything you have not finished removing from yourself during the Crone/Waning moon. Associated with the maiden/son, this is where seeds are sown. Ideas, planning, goal setting, dreams and ambitions are made. If you are wanting to make changes large or small, this is a good place to start! Also, as we grow and move forward we must also remember to shed things that no longer serve our highest good. With honor to reincarnation and yin and yang, birth is also death. Take the time during the new moon to say goodbye to things that may need to be shed. You will not have space for the wonderful things to come if you do not say goodbye to the old. (No point in manifesting a new job or computer if you refuse to look for a better job or retire the old computer)

First Quarter: This is where things begin to take off. Plans have been executed and carried out and now this is also a time of trial and error. The first quarter is not usually honored as a separate time to do magick unless you have a big change/ heavy working that you are doing. This is about a week out from your new moon and is a good time to check in with how your plans are going. Are there areas that need improvement? Revise plans? Adding new ones? The First quarter is perfect for taking a quick moment to reflect and even boost your magick working if needed with affirmations.

Full Moon- 3 Days

Full Moon: The full moon is a time of birth. The plans you have taken into action are now beginning to give results, whether they have arrived yet or not. That is the hard part to remember. Just because you are working with the phases does not mean that everything will arrive with the phases. Take time to be patient and reaffirm that you have done everything possible in the mundane realm to help bring in this manifestation. If you are making a life change (moving, career change, new relationship, weight loss, etc), give the appropriate amount of time for this to appear. One of the things I love most about the full moon is, it’s also multipurpose due to its potent energy. You can use this moon for new beginnings, love, blessings, manifesting, money, hex/curse, gratitude workings and everything in between. This is the more powerful phase of the moon.


Last Quarter: A Great time to begin cleaning things out. You have grown in the beginning phases of the moon and now it’s time to begin going through death. No, not actual death. This is where you begin to reflect. Is there anything you need to let go of? Is there anything getting in the way of your goals, or the fruition of your casting? Did your plans go well, or were you held down by things that are old and out of date, be it your thinking or actions? Is it time for a divorce, leave an unfulfilling job, quit smoking, time to clear a new path to take? Release it now while the moon is in Crone. Call for her wisdom to help guide you to release.

Dark Moon: This is a short span of moon where there is no moon at all. A floating period, if you will, between life and death. This is most commonly used for strong curses/hexing and banishing, but can also be wonderful for deep soul searching and meditation. Coming back within to reflect on the phases you have gone through over the past month. What worked? What didn’t? Did your spell manifest easily, or take a great deal of reorganizing and starting again?

Void Moon: The moon goes through several Voids of Course through all her phases. This is when the moon is in transition from one zodiac house to another or one phase to another. It has been proven, spells cast in this time will go nowhere. The beautiful Luna takes her leave in this time to focus only on herself. These voids usually last from a few moments or sometimes 1-2 hours. During this time Luna cares for herself during transition, a bit of a break for her.

Types of Full Moons

Eclipse Moon: This is a highly powerful moon, and sometimes comes with mixed emotions for people. Many say to stay away from the Eclipse moon as it is a backwards energy going from full to new, waning, then back to full. From my perspective, I LOVE the eclipse moon, for in my eyes it feels like a full lunar cycle in one night. You visit all of the phases and their glory in a few short hours. In this way, I like to work with eclipse moons as a whole lunar cycle. If there is something within myself or my life that needs great help improving or I simply need deep insight, I will work with the eclipse moon. The Eclipse is a strong moon. **Don’t overdo it. You can also focus on psychic development and draw down the moon and her gifts.

Blue Moon: Felt to be 2 times as powerful as the normal full moon. Focus on big goals, deep healing, intense divination, and soul searching. This moon is also great for triggering spiritual growth or awakenings and visions. If you feel the need to close a life chapter and begin another, this a great one for those changes. You would begin with setting manifestations with the first blue moon and then reaffirming and continuing them on the blue moon.

Black Moon: 2 new moons in one month, or occasionally a month with no full moon. Banishing, binding, warding, removing, and cleansing are the focus for these months. Depending on your path though, some do feel it is a time to work no magick at all, due to the lack of “light” from the moon. This is most common in February, and great for casting out lingering old ways, habits, or negativity from the year before.


***Do not get hung up on “seeing” the moon. Cloud cover or simply not being able to see the moon changes nothing with the energies. They are still there.

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