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Allspice Whole


Allspice whole known also as pimenta dioica or Mexican pimento originating in Mexico. The berries are harvested from the Jamaican Bayberry tree. Used as the Jamaican pepper in the the 15th century. With its strong aroma it was used in boots of soldiers to prevent cold feet and odor. Magically used to attract money, luck, lust, provide masculine energy, corresponds to fire, and to add energy to any spell or charm. Sold in 1 ounce quantity

  • Allspice:
    • Element(s): Fire & Earth
    • Chakras: Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra
    • Stones: Fire Quartz, Citrine, Golden Healer, Astrophyllite, Green Aventurine
    • Planets: Mars and Venus
    • Magickal Use: Wealth, Lust, Prosperity, Status, Breaking Habits, Protection, Courage, Divine Masculine, fast acting/speed up spells and manifestations, attract passionate Love, passion for life
    • Physical Use: Helps with indigestion, fevers, colds, heavy menstrual periods, abdominal pain, and bowel movements.