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Holistic Healing Packages


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This is what 3 Ravens Holistic Synergy is all about. Healing of the physical body, subconscious or lower body, and the Higher Self or Spirit body via massage therapy, Reiki Healing, and Tarot and Oracle Guidance. When we synergize our healing we acknowledge and give love to all aspects of ourselves and can begin to feel more whole. This is not a luxury, or a treat. Holistic healing is to be regular maintenance like visiting the dentist, socializing with friends, or taking a nap. No longer is a jam-packed schedule and burn out a goal to strive for. Mental, emotional, physical, AND Spiritual health are what is the new goal.

We will begin with massage to quiet and relax the mind and body. Guided breathing will be provided to heal and achieve a deep state of relaxation. Afterwards, we will move right into Reiki healing to cleanse and remove energetic blockages or imbalances in the Chakras. During Reiki, if you feel the need to emotionally release (cry, laugh, express hurt etc) you are encouraged to do so. Finally, we will discuss any findings in the Massage and Reiki session and seek healing and guidance on these areas and any others via Tarot and Oracle Guidance.