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Chakra Candles


These candles are designed for each chakra and correspond in color. Each candle is charged with the purpose to not only help bring to the surface when needs healing in these chakras but, also provide a calming, peaceful energy, and safe space while you meditate and heal. Light the candle away from drapes/curtains, walls, and in rooms where there is not a heavy breeze. Call to any guides if you work with any to help the healing process. If kept in a safe manner, you may burn the candle overnight to help.

Candle Size: Octagon 3"x3.5"  ,  Tall Pillar 6"x2.5"  ,  Large Pillar 6.5"x3"

Chakra and Candle Purpose:

  1. Root Chakra- Grounding, protection, provide a feeling of comfortable Earth and safety, addressing fears or anxiety, shadow working, getting in touch with the Ancestors.
  2. Sacral Chakra- Emotional balance and cleansing, invoking intuition and physical  creativity, aid in fertility, clear and soft scent for centering and realigning energies.
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra- Bright and energetic, uplifting scent, aids in confidence, personal power and esteem, boundaries, taking action on gut instincts, invoking the Inner Child and playfulness.
  4. Heart Chakra- Peace and Tranquility, soothing and comforting, aids in love, forgiveness, emotional balance and healing from old traumas, uplifting mild depression.
  5. Throat Chakra- Crisp and clean candle to aid in clear communication, self expression, bringing out the authentic self, assertiveness, steady will power and removing blockages in the Voice.
  6. 3rd Eye Chakra- Rich otherworldly scent that invokes dreams, premonitions, deep meditations, great for burning during psychic or mediumship work, and aid in growth in the Clair gifts, past life healing and astral travel.
  7. Crown Chakra- Uplifting, light and clean, this candles aids in connection to the Universe, releasing attachments to Earth, invoking Divine Connection, Inspiration, and Universal Love.