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Infernal Geometry & The Left-hand Path By Toby Chappell

Revealing the magical uses of number and geometry as tools for introspection, self-development, and creating change in both the inner and outer worlds, Toby Chappell explores the rites, history, and potent practices of Angular Magic and infernal geometry, the left-hand path of sacred geometry. Focusing on the advanced magical system of the nine angles, he details the systems development by the early Church of Satan and later the Temple of Set, as well as its internal body, the order of the trapezoid. He shows how the system first emerged in the Ceremony of the Nine Angles, written by Michael Aquino and published in Anton Szandor Laveys the Satanic rituals. He explores historical influences on angular magic, including pythagorean number mysticism, John Dees Enochian magic, the theories of William Mortensen, and, most importantly, the writings of H.P.Lovecraft as well as other contributors to his Cthulhu Mythos. A 9" x 6" soft cover book by Toby Chappell.