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Large Fluorite Tower 7"


Stunning Fluorite Tower with terrific clarity and colors. A Wonderful beacon of energetic healing. This Fluorite tower is approximately 7" tall with a base of 2.75" x 2". Large, Stout, and beautiful. Several rainbows through out this piece. Set it on your altar or in your sacred space and let it be a grounding, healing channel for Reiki, Crown and Heart Chakra work, and soothing emotional trauma. 

Fluorite is a stunning multi-colored stone with greens, purples, and blues. Some fluorites can contain yellow as well but not always. Fluorite is a powerful yet wonderfully uplifting a gentle stone. Strongly corresponded to the Heart Chakra and emotional healing it is commonly used in Reiki and Energetic healing as well as healing past wounds and traumas, grudges, and helps to soften the hurt that is felt. Working through the grief process is another strong point of Fluorite. Fluorite even gives boosts is compassion, empathy, understanding, and natural intuition. When Fluorite takes the shape of a tower or point, it makes for an excellent for a center piece in a healing crystal grid for empathy, compassion, and trauma healing. Towers are also fantastic for channeling Universal power of healing and grounding and centering nearby energies. You may place the fluorite tower on your chakras, crystal grids, circle quarters, or anywhere else you would like to have a direct channel of energy to. Towers are also fantastic for setting energetic boundaries at doorways, windows, entrances to homes, or casted circles.