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Spiritual & Conjure Work


Conjure Work is a service Searianna offers to all within and outside the Pagan community. People of all backgrounds and religions may receive Conjure Work on their behalf for a variety of needs. Spiritual & Conjure Work is simply using the energetic method of spell casting to achieve a desired result. This works the same as saying a prayer, making a birthday wish or, healing a child's wound with a kiss. The energy is directed to the specific needing attention and it flows. The goal for Spiritual work is to bring about much more fulfilling and aligned results to your current physical work. Nothing will magickally fall into your lap. You will still need to take 'everyday' measures to bring about results. No one can hire you if you don't submit a resume and let them know you exsist, the love of your life will not materalize in your living room, the person you want gone may need a restraining order, etc.

No two rituals are the same. Once you have choosen your spell purpose and base, you will be contacted at the email you provide at checkout to discuss the details of your working and herbs/scents best suited for you. We will also talk about actions for you to take on your own end in order to best maximize results. 

As a Practitioner I do have rules to my work.

***I WILL NEVER USE TARGET SPELLS (Make Joe love me, Get Susan Fired. I work with YOU the client only, not outside parties.)

***At current the moment I don't desire putting in the labor to manage Hex, Jinx, Binding, and Curse energies. I do not offer these workings.

Spells Performed:

  • Money Attraction
  • Career Attraction
  • Road Opener/ Blockage Removal
  • Love Attraction
  • Banishing Spirits or People
  • Protection/Boundaries
  • Healings, Cleansings, Grief Aid
  • Blessings
    • Baby/womb Blessings
    • Safe Travels/Life Change/New Chapter
    • Home
    • Union/Marriage

 Base Costs:

  1. Small Ritual $70.00: Date & Time Planned, 1 Tall Pillar, 1-2 herbs, 1 Petition. Photos before, during, and after. Candle wax Read, 3 Tarot cards & 1 Oracle for insight
  2. Medium Ritual $100.00: Date & Time Planned, 1 Tall Pillar (engraved, anointed, blessed), 2-4 herbs, 1 petition. Photos before, during, after. Candle wax read, 6 tarot card Universe Spread & 2 Oracle support cards for insight
  3. Large Ritual $130.00: Date & Time Planned, 1 Tall Pillar & 3 votives (all engraved, anointed, coated, blessed), 4-6 herbs, 1 Petition and a Chant you (client) create if you choose, 3 power bay leaves with your choice of power words, your choice power Spice/herb around candle (Salt, Rosemary, Cloves, ETC). Photos before, during, and after. 10 card Celtic Cross Tarot spread and 3 Oracle support cards