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Spiritual Guidance Sessions


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Spiritual Divination Sessions are held privately with shoppe owner Searianna via online video chat, in-person, or recorded video. Searianna is a diverse and well-practiced Clairsentient and Clairaudient of 12 years. Her divination tools of choice are the Tarot and Oracle cards which help navigate messages for her clients. Guidance readings are always as detailed as possible, even the small readings. Searianna strives for healing, growth, clarity, and to provide the best options, support, and choices for you on your path.

To schedule a reading, please make your purchase here and then Call/Text the Shoppe at 720-727-1280 to get scheduled!

Some things to expect:

-Guidance Sessions are private and are specifically for the individual who is enquiring. This means inquiring about someone other than yourself such as a parent or EX will not be permitted during the reading. This is because that person has not given permission for their energy to be read specifically. The readings are to be focused on the individual who sought out the reading and guidance for them specifically.

-Readings are always done via online video chat, in-person, or recorded video, NEVER photos and text descriptions or over the phone. This is done to ensure thorough and detailed communication and readings. The individual enquiring will see the cards shuffled, laid out and their positions, and each card up close.

-Readings by session length are a certain time frame where any number of spreads or cards can be used in that time frame. Readings by spreads are specifically for that layout and set number of cards. Once the layout has been read, that is the end of the reading regardless of amount of time taken.

Some good questions to ask

  • I am thinking of making a life change, what do I need to know?
  • What do I need to know about XYZ?
  • How can I step out of this rut/pattern/behavior?
  • What healing do I need to work on in love/career/home etc?
  • I am not sure what’s going on, may I have insight/what the hell just happened to my life?
  • I am torn between option A or option B, what does each path look like? (There are no wrong choices in life, just lessons learned.)
  • I am just wanting to check in and get a general reading, what do I need to know?